Emergency Dispatch Typing Test – How to Improve your typing speed and accuracy!


Emergency Dispatch Typing Test – How to Improve your typing speed and accuracy!

Many 911 operator positions require candidates to achieve approximately 40 - 45 words per minute on a typing test with very high accuracy.  

You can practice for your typing test for free.  To prepare, you will want to practice typing for at least 5 minutes.  

Since emergency call takers and 911 operators use a standard keyboard and not a laptop, you should practice on a regular keyboard. 

With regular practice, you can improve your skills.  

How many words-per-minute do I need to be able to type?
Each organization has different standards.  For example:
For an Ambulance Communications Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Health, they are looking for 35 w.p.m. with 90% accuracy.
Candidates for the Communications Operator selection process with Toronto Police are required to type 40 w.p.m.
A fire services dispatcher with the City of Oshawa is required to demonstrate a typing speed of 35 w.p.m.
So, to factor in test anxiety on the day of your test, you should aim to be able to type at a speed of 45 w.p.m.

How can you practice?

You can do this by listening to a podcast and practice typing verbatim in Microsoft Word for 5 minutes.  Set an alarm so that you type for precisely 5 minutes. Then, listen back to the podcast and assess accuracy. 

The lower-left corner of MS Word keeps track of your word count.  As you practice listening and typing, try to increase your word count and improve accuracy. 

We are also providing you with weblinks to the below free typing tests to help you improve your typing speed and accuracy so that you do well on your 911 dispatcher test.

Keep your mind and fingers flexible and practice using a variety of methods. 

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Typing Test - This webpage has 1, 3, and 5-minute typing tests. 

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