Sigma Survey for Police Officers Overview & Practice Tests


The SSPO (Sigma Survey for Police Officers) was designed to identify candidates who have the cognitive skills to use sound practical judgment in police situations and who are capable of writing meaningful and credible police incident reports

The SSPO (Part B Exam) has two major sections, section A and section B.

Section A -  44 questions
Topics - spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar.
Format - multiple choice

Section B - 30 questions
Topics - Police Problem-Solving
Format - multiple choice

More specifically, section B contains descriptions of situations that are relevant to the work of police officers. E The situations cover a wide range of problems that police typically encounter on the job, related to patrolling the city, approaching a group of disorderly individuals, taking suspect descriptions from witnesses, reading a map and applying problem-solving skills to a variety of law enforcement activities.

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