Why is Police Test Tutor not developing specific OACP Certificate practice tests?

As of January 1, 2020, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police launched a new Constable Selection System, part of which requires candidates (police and special constable) to complete the General Mental Ability Assessment test.  This is an online test that is also referred to as the Sigma Personnel Assessment Form (PAF)

The General Mental Ability Assessment test has two subtests that involve a person's accumulated knowledge of diverse topics and skills related to the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think in abstract terms, comprehend complex ideas, and learn quickly from experience.

Verbal Subtest
The verbal subtest measures a person's understanding of words and ideas. This ability is effectively measured using items relating to a person's accumulated knowledge of diverse topics, the number of words or verbal concepts that have been learned, and the ability to recognize conceptual similarities among objects.

Quantitative Subtest
The quantitative subtest measures a person's reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The items in this subtest require generating solutions to various numerical problems. These problems require the respondent to extract the necessary elements and to use these elements to arrive at a correct answer quickly.

As you can see, the possibilities for the content of the tests are infinite. 

Our Perspective
Since the General Mental Ability Assessment test is 14 minutes of testing (7 minutes per subtest), coupled with the fact that the tests involve a person's accumulated knowledge, we believe that it is beneficial for people to prepare using a variety of aptitude tests (Wonderlic, CFAT, ACT and APCAT).  It is our opinion that:

As you prepare to embark on this journey, it's important that you keep perspective on the test. 

How will Police Test Tutor help me then?
We want you to enter the testing with a flexible mindset because this test measures a person's accumulated knowledge of diverse topics, we are giving you access to a variety of aptitude tests to assist in broadening your knowledge while sharpening your skills. 

We believe that we can support your career goal by focusing on assisting you with a professional cover letter and resume, as well as interview preparation.  

Do I have to pay to use Police Test Tutor's aptitude test preparation material?
Since the General Mental Ability Assessment Test that is required the OACP Certificate is only 14-minutes long, we are supporting your success by giving you free access to our aptitude test preparation material (Bundle & Save) with the purchase of a cover letter and resume

Your success is our priority.