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We use a a PCI Level 1 (the highest level) certified service provider. This means we hold to the highest industry standards for data protection and network security, and your business and cardholder data is safe with us. As part of our ongoing security program we perform rigorous checks of our systems, both internally and via independent third-parties, to ensure we meet or exceed card requirements.

What makes Police Test Tutor different from other police test preparation sites?

  1. We provide you with detailed solutions for every question.​
  2. Strategically designed practice tests; not randomized questions. 
    • Many people fail the law enforcement entry tests because they are unaware of the type of questions asked.  We have strategically designed our practice tests so that you do pass. 
    • We do not use practice tests comprised by randomized questions.  This type of system will not help you as you will remember the answers, since you see the questions multiple times. 
  3. We will answer emails within a few hours 
  4. You can call us between 09:30 and 3:30 (Monday to Friday) for help. 
  5. Our packages are affordable
  6. We are continuously adding material
  7. Our tests and tutoring materials are tablet compatible. 
  8. We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau

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