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Gain an advantage with this specialized Interview Coaching with Amy Watt, who is an award-winning career coach.  This coaching service will help you build the necessary confidence to perform at your best and increase the chances of your success!  

About Amy Watt
Amy is the founder of Police Test Tutor and is passionate about police education and helping others achieve career success.  Amy has 12 years of experience as a police constable with a municipal police service in Ontario and three years of experience as a Border Services Officer. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree (with distinction) in Justice Studies from the University of Guelph and a diploma in Behavioural Science Technology from St. Lawrence College.  She is a professor is a Police Foundations program in Ontario. 

Amy is an award-winning Career Development Practitioner with the  Career Professionals of Canada, holding the following certifications: Resume Strategist, Career Strategist, Interview Strategist and Employment Strategist Amy is qualified to assist you with your cover letter, resume, interview preparation and career planning.     

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$90 per 60 minutes of Coaching

$90 per 60 minutes of Coaching
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