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CritiCall Pre-employment Testing


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Dispatch Testing Overview
  • An introduction to the application and testing processes at Emergency Communications Centres.
CritiCall Test Overview
  • CritiCall is a comprehensive computerized testing application used for emergency dispatch positions. 
  • The test assesses skills and abilities such as decision-making, memory, data entry, call summarization, listening skills, map reading, mathematics and communications skills.
CritiCall Multiple Choice - Practice Tests
  • 450 practice CritiCall questions
  • Multiple choice CritiCall practice tests
CritiCall Data Entry - Practice Tests
  • 12 modules of data entry screens
  • Transcribe pertinent information from phone calls and images
CritiCall Short-Term Memory - Practice Tests
  • 12 modules of short-term numeric recall exercises
  • Numeric recall is the primary method CritiCall uses to assess short-term memory
Perfex Test
  • Complete overview and guide to the Perfex Multitasking Test
  • Tip sheet and photo of the equipment
  • 3 hand-written practice tests
Dispatch Written Test Overview
  • Analysis of the types of questions typically included on written pre-employment testing for emergency communications positions.
Typing Tests
  • A tutorial on long typing tests
Numerical Ability - Tutoring Modules
  • Extra 135 math practice questions
  • Addition, subtraction, and percentages
  • Calculating distances, times, and amounts
Map Reading - Extra Practice Tests
  • Extra 150 map reading practice questions.
  • Tests ability to choose most direct route to assigned destination
  • Requires decisions that comply with all regulatory signs
Vocabulary - Extra Practice Tests
  • Extra 275 vocabulary practice questions
  • Reviews reading comprehension, sentence clarity and spelling abilities that are often measured on written or Criticall testing.